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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Every year Ashlee Nadine Photography hosts Holiday Sessions!

I had over 40 Families join me for Holiday Photos! Many were clients I have worked with year after year and there were a few new faces to! Each Family came with a different personality and although the backdrops were the same no two sessions were alike. Yes some kids weren't overly excited to have their photos taken but we always manage to make it work. Posing, and candid moments. Laughing ad having fun.

On the final day I was lucky enough to have a beautiful blanket of snow covering the outdoor set, it really gave it the Christmas touch.

This year we had the addition of an outdoor set. Getting this vintage truck out to the perfect spot with a classic Smithers mountain view was no easy task but we managed to make it happen! I wanted it to have the feel of a tree farm, but knew that wasn't going to be found naturally where I needed it. SO, my amazing friends came together and we chopped down a bunch of "Christmas trees", my father in law dug them individually into the ground to the perfect spots. I think everyone thought I was crazy when I said I was getting a 1950s truck into the forrest andddd faking a tree farm. But hey, it turned out pretty amazing I must say!

See that kid crying, that's mine. Im not lying when I say I get it, and I know kids don't always cooperate!

Indoor Set

A cozy Christmas living room scene complete with presents a tree and a beautiful window! Just for the kiddos this one, groups and individual photos. The kids seemed to favourite the warmth that came with the pellet stove inside the cabin where this set was but parents tended to favourite the outdoor set.

With Christmas cards in mind these sets were designed to be red and green for a traditional vintage theme with modern touches. Some kids came in their christmas dresses and other came in the comfiest of Christmas themed PJs. Both worked out perfectly!

To add to the fun I brought along one of my favourite props, the vintage trike! Over 100 years old and the perfect red to match the backdrop. It was a hit with many of the kids and I have it to thank for many great photos. One family chose to bring traditional Vietnamese dresses for some of the photos, and the most adorable 10 day old baby!

So many Christmas cards filled, all photos headed straight to old st nick to see who was on their best behaviour (lump of Coal for Charlotte this year).

HUGE thank you to everyone who helped with these sessions and who attended them!

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