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2020 Christmas

Every year our Christmas is CRAZY. We have 3 Families to share the holidays with which is amazing but also makes for a busy season. We usually end up with 3 rounds of Turkey (no complaints) and gifts with Immediate and Extended Family. Of course this year didn't quite look the same. Because our parents are essential childcare for us we were able and so grateful to spend the holidays with them!

Decorating came first.. which means we had to get a Christmas tree and we are real tree people all the way. We didn't pick the best time to go and it ended up like this..

Someone missed her nap and was NOT in the Christmas spirit.

We did end up coming home with a sleeping toddler and a lovely tree!

Christmas Morning

Presents, breakfast and most importantly.. a nap came before sugar cookie baking. We let Charlotte do as much as possible and it was very entertaining. She had a BLAST. Her favourites were cutting the dough and of course snacking on some of the icing. I think we will make this a new tradition! I remember always baking cookies with my grandma to give to my Dad for Christmas, and some for Santa to of course.

Christmas may have not been the people filled loud crazy wonderful chaos we are used to, and yes of course we missed all of that. But we enjoyed every minute of it, feeling just as blessed. Many FaceTime sessions kept us connected to our families and there was still endless turkey.

Charlottes 3rd Birthday

Charlotte is a New Years Day baby! She came into the world New Years Day 2018 in a very scary stressful way. Most of you know the story of how she was born at 26 weeks weighing only 1 pound 14 ounces. Well, this year we celebrated her as a crazy 3 year old at somewhere around 24 pounds haha - she's still a little peanut. We recently bought an older sled to casually bomb around and help us get outside in the winter. WELL the birthday girl is a huge fan. Its nearly impossible to get her off it! She also got to borrow her cousins sled to try out one more her size (she didn't go more than a foot with us holding on to her haha). Watching Daddy and Uncle from the window wasn't cutting it and she even went for a ride with Papa in the skid steer while he cleaned up the snow in the yard.

ps. this makes for a pretty amazing Family Session spot...

Gigi and Charlotte made Birthday cupcakes. I am positive more sprinkles landed on the floor than on the cupcakes but what's the fun in baking with a three year old if you're not making a mess?

Usually you blow out your candles once on your birthday.. I would say we did at least 20 rounds today. Every time they'd go out she would clap and then hand the lighter back to Gigi and say OKAY AGAIN.

All in all it was a wonderful Holiday Season. Looking forward to Photographing babies families and all the amazing moments through 2021 and hopefully ending it with the crazy loud full chaotic Christmas we're used to.

Happy New Year!

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